Drill FAQs

Drill FAQs

Can H.D.D. traverse bodies of water like lakes and rivers?

Yes, this is one of the primary uses of H.D.D. technology.

What are the different types of pipe and sizes that can be used for H.D.D.?

Many different types and sizes of pipe can be used in Horizontal Directional Drilling. Steel Gas Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe, HDPE, or Fusible PVC in sizes from 4” to 48”. Depending on the application, the design engineer will specify a particular product.

Can TransAmerican Underground assist me with drill design?

Yes, there are some very specific requirements for a successful directional drill. The design requirements will be different based on a number of factors unique to each project. We have a design team who are specialist in H.D.D. and have the knowledge and experience to assist with drill design on your project.

Can Ductile Iron Pipe be used for H.D.D.?

Yes, TransAmerican Underground was a leader in the development of techniques used in the installation of Ductile Iron Pipe by H.D.D. method. This method does requires a great deal of experience and expertise to be successful, this is what TransAmerican Underground provides. Check out our clients.

Can H.D.D. technologies be used in environmentally sensitive areas such as marshlands?

One of the many advantages of this technology is the lowered impact on the environment. A pipeline can be installed under an environmentally sensitive area such as a wetland area or river with very minimal impact as compared to open cut.